Continuing Education Hours - General info











Certified Peer Recovery Specialists in Tennessee must complete ten continuing education hours each year and five of those 10 must be face-to-face in a live classroom setting. The other five can be computer based learning or online webinars. One hour of the 10 must be in ethics. See the continuing education requirements in the CPRS Handbook here


Some trainings do not apply in being certified as a Peer Recovery Specialist, such as first aid, driving safety, food safety handing, etc. In addition, clinical trainings cannot be used for CPRS continuing education because it is a violation of the CPRS Code of Ethics for a CPRS to provide clinical treatment.


CPRS’s are encouraged to seek pre-approval for any trainings and to make sure they are approved for CPRS continuing education hours by emailing with the description of the training or by calling the Helpline at 800-560-5767.


Here are a variety of links to various trainings and webinars pertinent to Certified Peer Recovery Specialists.

For instructions on providing proof of Webinar  / Online training attendance click here.