Consumer Housing Specialists: What We Do

Consumer Housing Specialists partner with existing community housing stakeholders in creating linkages, resource development, and community education efforts.

Researching, evaluating, and building a comprehensive information collection and dissemination database of housing resources, housing options, community housing development programs which will identify current needs and issues to aid in the process of developing solutions.

Involving key stakeholders in all project activities, including planning, product development, dissemination, and evaluation.

Increasing the public's understanding and support for individuals with a mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

A longitudinal evaluation of housing issues was conducted that followed 200 consumers who moved from inpatient and institutional settings into the community.

The Housing within Reach network in Tennessee is comprised of professional staff, advocates, volunteers, policy makers, regional administrators, and direct service providers committed to working on behalf of all Tennesseans who have a mental illness or co-occurring disorder to help them build the most fulfilled and dignified lives possible.

There have been many people who have invested many hours in the creation and development of this website. Sincere gratitude is extended to all those who have contributed to this housing resource.


Region 3 - Chattanooga

Gina Turley | Consumer Housing Specialist

AIM Center, Inc. | 472 W M L King Boulevard

P.O. Box 11586 | Chattanooga, TN 37402

Direct (423) 624-6605


Region 6 - Jackson

Rebecca Raymer

Consumer Housing Specialist

Carey Counseling center Inc.

727 Main Street

McKenzie, TN 38201

731-234-9780 cell

731-352-3050 work


Region 4 - Nashville

Emma Johnson

Consumer Housing Specialist

Park Center

948 Woodland Street.

Nashville, TN 37206



Region 7 - Memphis

Brandy Heffner

Consumer Housing Specialist, Shelby County

1548 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tn. 38104

Office: (901) 725-3111

Cell: (901) 609-9069

Fax: (901) 729-2933