Housing Developer Information

WELCOME to the HOUSING DEVELOPER Section of this Site.

This section is meant as an introduction to topics of interest to housing developers - those people who individually or in groups engage in the acquisition, rehabilitation, rental, sale, maintenance, and construction of affordable housing. There are a number of programs and other resources that make these ventures attractive or feasible.

This section briefly touches on the programs and resources most useful to developers of housing for persons with mental illnesses or co-occurring disorders, many of whom are of low income. For that reason, some of the programs mentioned in this section specifically target low-income populations, rather than persons with disabilities. To take advantage of these programs, one would need to explore them in more depth than presented here.

For information and assistance, please contact the Regional Housing Facilitator (RHF) located in your region. The RHFs are a great resource.

For additional assistance, please also visit Grants and Application Cycles within this section.