How to Use Housing within Reach

Welcome to Housing within Reach. We hope our website will provide useful information that will enhance your search for affordable and attainable housing.

This section will explain how to utilize the different tools this website has to offer.

Getting Started

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find the most important parts of our website directly from our home page. Use the links to the left to move to different sections of Housing within Reach.

From this area, you can quickly access information on Where to Start when pursuing housing, housing listings, a section which outlines rights of consumers who are trying to obtain or maintain housing, questions consumers might ask about housing, information about the "Not in My Backyard" campaign, and a glossary of terms and definitions often used by housing authorities and other agencies.

Finding Housing

There are three ways to obtain listings for various types of housing. The first is viewing the complete list of all housing for a given type. The second is viewing housing for a given type that is in an area that you desire. You can do this by choosing either a city or county and a range of miles from the location you would like to search. You can also search by Region. The third and final way to view housing is by operating agency. Many agencies operate multiple houses within the state. This option will allow you to view only housing operated by a desired agency.

To the left you see a house containing four pictures. This house and the box below it are part of the Consumer Housing Options page. Each of the pictures represent housing examples for the type of housing beside which they are listed. By clicking on each house, you can view an enlarged version of the photo. Click to find housing

Calendar of Events

Stay on top of events in your area. Our calendar of events features listings for conferences, public hearings, NIMBY events, training events, regional task force meetings, state house meetings, and outreach events.