Where to Start

Finding a quality, safe, affordable, permanent place to call home can be a very complicated process but one of the most rewarding journeys a person ever takes.

We have designed this website to help make this process easier. Below we have provided some resource information that you may find useful as you begin your search for housing and housing related information.


Clickfor the housing database
If you would like assistance with housing placement, but do not want/need case management services, click here.

Some homes prefer that their residents are TennCare recipients. If you are not a TennCare recipient, but would like more information on eligibility or how to apply, click here.

Case Management
Some supportive living and independent congregate living homes request that their residents have a case manager. If you do not have a case manager but would like information on the benefits of case management or how to access a case manager, click here.

Peer Support Centers
Regardless of where any of us live, we can all benefit from having a strong support network. Everyone needs friends to talk to over a cup of coffee or just someone to watch TV or play cards with. Peer Support Centers provide just this kind of support to people with mental health issues and also offer education about recovery from mental illness.  Walk-ins are welcome. To find out more about Peer Support Centers (where you can also get more information about how to use the Housing within Reach website), click here.

Criminal Record Information
NOTE: Some housing options have policies regarding certain misdemeanor and/or felony convictions. We have listed misdemeanor and/or felony policies on many of the housing options within - please check individual housing option listing for specifics.