Mental Health Coordinators and Agencies

Everyone needs tools to fix things with. You can think of support resource agencies as tools to help you solve your housing and life problems. Support resources are those people and programs that help you live as independently in the community as possible. These agencies may assist you in any of the following:

  • obtaining housing
  • furnishing housing
  • dealing with neighbors or landlords
  • coping with crises that threaten to disrupt your housing stability
  • joining you in celebrating your successes and learning from your mistakes

Mental Health Centers provide an array of these services with the primary focus being mental health treatment, although they recognize that stable housing contributes to good mental health. For that reason, most mental health centers will assist you with matters around housing.

Don’t overlook other Community Resources, which is a broader category. Some of these agencies offer many of the same services as mental health centers, while others may focus on specific areas, such as affordable housing or health or advocacy.

Whatever the case, thinking of resources as tools, the more resources you have available to you and use, the more tools you have in your toolkit and the more flexible and successful you will be at addressing your needs!