Information about how to access TennCare can often be complicated and difficult to navigate. If you would like some assistance with your TennCare application process or in determining your current TennCare status, you may want to consider getting assistance from your case manager, if you have one.

If you do not have a case manager and you would like to review processes for TennCare enrollment, eligibility or important related phone numbers or internet links, you can click here and review procedures and necessary forms.

Remember, if you are a TennCare recipient, you receive both physical health and behavioral health benefits.

Important TennCare Telephone Numbers

The Family Assistance Service Center: 1-866-311-4287 or 615-743-2000 in Nashville
Call this number to change your address, find out about eligibility or to change plans.

TennCare Solutions: 1-800-878-3192
Call this number to file an appeal about problems getting medical care under TennCare or TennCare Partners. This includes getting drugs.

TennCare Advocacy Program: 1-800-758-1638 
Call this number for problems or questions on mental health and substance abuse services, orTennCare members or applicants who speak languages other than English and need help with TennCare.

TTY-TDD Telephone Line: 1-877-779-3103
For people with hearing and speech impairments.