CPRS Conference

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Conference 2018 - Together Toward Recovery!


The 2018 Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Conference is October 7-8 in Manchester, TN at Manchester Coffee County Conference. This statewide event will feature a keynote address, a variety of workshops pertinent to Peer Recovery Specialists, an awards ceremony, and more!


Can You Present at the 2018 CPRS Conference?

Our theme is:
Together Toward Recovery

The 8th Annual Statewide CPRS Conference will convene at
Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center
Manchester, TN October 7-8, 2018

Our conference theme, “Together Toward Recovery,” recognizes
that as peers we feel united in our belief that peer leadership is a key factor in recovery.

At this time, we welcome your proposals for workshops.

The conference features three workshop tracks for the following audiences:

1] Certified Peer Recovery Specialists;
2) Aspiring peer recovery specialists; and
3) Healthcare and social service providers, and others, including family supporters.
4) Ideas for a keynote speaker.
Please forward these names and a bio to csavvena@frontierhealth.org

Workshop sessions are 1 hour in length and should include enough time for questions and discussion. Proposals will be
reviewed and selected presenters will be notified by 6-25-18. To submit a proposal, please follow the outline on the following Presentation Application.

Workshop submissions should be completed by MAY 7, 2018 and emailed to: csavvena@frontierhealth.org

CPRS 2018 Presentation Application

Submit a typed overview of your proposed workshop that includes the following:

  1. Title of workshop
    2. Name, title and/or credentials of presenters, and organization
    3. Address, phone number, and email for each presenter
    4. Abstract of workshop (not to exceed 30 words) to be included in the conference brochure
    5. A description of your target audience- people in recovery, professionals and other service providers, administrators, 6. or others (specify). Note all that apply.
    7. One page or less summary of the presentation with learning goals and objectives.

You will need to be responsible for bringing all of your audiovisual needs. If you have special audiovisual needs, please speak with us for assistance. Please bring a generous number of handouts for your session (we suggest 75 copies). Presenters will have their registration expense paid and 1 hotel room provided.

Questions? Please contact: Dina Savvenas at (423) 306-2473 or Leanne Crawford at 423-586-5032



Thanks to all who made The 2017 Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Conference a massive success! The statewide event featured a keynote address, a variety of workshops pertinent to Peer Recovery Specialists,  an awards ceremony, and a recovery meeting! 


Learn about the 2017 presenters! Click here to view some of the presentations from the conference. 

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