Thank you all artists, and art enthusiasts who attended the 13th annual Art for Awareness celebration!  Artists across Tennessee shared their art and contributed to awareness of recovery and the healing it brings.  The celebration included a discussion of what art means to different artists, free art supplies for registered artists, square dancing, bluegrass music, and an improv performance!

See you next year!




Here are some examples of the submissions from Art for Awareness 2017!


"Spreading Throughout" 
Chad Wilkerson, Nashville TN
Artist Quote: "Sharing a story that I can’t Always say with words, through Recovery I’ve been able to find out more about who I am, But I still have trouble with describing feelings with words, Images, textures, and color capture the part I can’t explain.  Sharing is a way of Sharing my Recovery." 



Augie Collier, Nashville, TN
Artist Quote "I enjoy the process and challenging myself and to express myself."

"Spring Tree"
Henrietta Jones, Oak Ridge, TN
Artist Quote: "I learned to draw a tree many, many years ago in art lessons.  It makes me feel good about myself and relaxes me."


"Around The Bend"
Brandie Killen, Johnson City, TN
Artist Quote: "In recovery, I did not know what I was in store for. Like riding in a speeding train, never know what’s around the next bend, but going full speed.  Knowing whatever is ahead is better than what was behind." 



"Looking Through a Window"
Brittany Stark, Murfreesboro, TN
Artist Quote: "It helps me express myself when I can't through words"



"Mother Hupboard"
Waymon "Darrell" Pepper, McMinnville, TN
Artist Quote: "Might have freedom to draw and do more.  It makes me feel good."


Janay Moreland, Clarksville, TN
Artist Quote: "I like to speak to the universe through my art. "Grounding" is a painting that promotes stability and longevity. The trees represent my enduring strength. They grow upward signifying my direction, upward / advancement. Red promotes vitality and connects me to my environment. "Grounding encourages my strength."


"The Mermaid"
Leann Wilson, Clarksville, TN
Artist Quote: "Free from the voices and relief from troubles in life that brings on fear of the unknown"



"The Pugilist"
Jeff Voyles, Clarksville, TN
Artist Quote: "Creating art is like a journey."



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